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Auto Appearance Specialists is a team of highly trained professionals who excel in each detailing category that we offer. We have combined 30+ years of experience in automotive detailing, paint restoration, correction, and protection as well as bodywork and film installation. We specialize in automotive detailing along with being certified ceramic coating installers. Ask us how we can help you protect and maintain your investment today!

Office & Waiting

When you first step foot in our state of the art facility, we have our front office and waiting area. Here we can get to know you, figure out your needs, and personalize a package just for you! If you're in for something quick like a hand wash, we have a comfortable waiting area for you to relax and learn more about what we do!

Ceramic Studio

Our newly renovated Ceramic Studio is built for the sole purpose of accurately and precisely paint correcting and applying ceramic coatings to vehicles. The studio is temperature-controlled and dust-free to avoid any interference with our ceramic coating and paint correcting processes.

Detail Studio

Our newly renovated Detail Studio is for accurate and precise top to bottom details. The studio is temperature-controlled and well lit for us to ensure a complete and perfect detail every time. Whether you're getting a basic wash or a premium full detail, this is the room your investment will be taken care of in.

Wrap Studio

Our Wrap Studio is where we apply all of our vinyl wraps. Whether you're getting a full vehicle wrap or just a few decals, this is the room in which your car will be taken care of. We perform our tinting services in this studio as well

Body Shop 

Our Body Shop is where we paint, customize, and do bodywork. We perform paint restoration services, full paint jobs, part painting, and fabrication on this side of the facility. Whether your vehicle is in for minor customization services like a new front bumper or a complete paint job, this is where your investment will be cared for.

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